The Eastern Road Christian Academy was established in 2004 and continues to be a leader in educating youth in the principles of Christianity and foundational elements that are required in the world today.

Our Vision

To educate students in Biblical based principles and academics.

Our Mission

Eastern Road Christian Academy seeks to train children academically, spiritually, socially and physically in an atmosphere of Christian love and respect for the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Our Mission is to be partners in the education of your children by providing a Christ-centered environment that promotes Biblical principles and the pursuit of integrity, moral character, academic excellence and Spiritual growth.

– To provide the highest level of academics possible
– To be an extension of the Christian home
– To train up youth in the way they should go
– To help meet the spiritual need of the community
– To bring youth to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
– To encourage a higher level of Christian maturity
– To emphasize the individuality of each person
– To assist students in seeking His purpose of life’s service
– To promote self-discipline
– To help each child in learning how to honor the Lord
– To train in Christian leadership

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