Eastern Road Christian Academy believes that Biblically-based education is of the utmost importance, Therefore, Christ is presented in all classes, and the Holy Scripture is the basis for instruction.

All course materials are held to biblical standards for evaluation; historical facts are reported as such and all opinion/interpretation/editorializing must withstand the scrutiny of Scripture.

NOTICE: Upon following the necessary registration steps and, ultimately, acceptance by the academy, you will be contacted by an ERCA Administrator.


There are typical courses available by grade level.  However, the school has additional classes and electives not listed here.  For more information about the many technical courses and advanced courses, please contact the school.   The school also has a GED preparation course available. 

ERCA offers two options for Christian education.  We have an In-house school in Rittman, Ohio (see the map on the Contact Us page).  At the school, students attend classes with individualized coursework.  Generally, students are diagnostically tested to determine the best place for them to start on each subject.  While students can progress at their own pace, the teachers are there to guide and support the students through their academics.  Students also attend a weekly Chapel and throughout the year students participate in art, music, life applications, and physical education.  Field trips are a part of the curriculum but vary each year.

There is also an online academy for remote learning.  Any student or adult with internet capability can access the online curriculum.  Online teachers will communicate their availability times to the students to assist them with their assignments. 

For adult education we have the Bible Theology class offered at the school in Rittman.  Online, for an adult, we offer the Biblical course, Foundations for Living.  There are also many other electives and technical courses that adults may access through our online academy.  Please contact the school for available adult classes and technical courses. 



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