ERCA is built solely upon Biblical standards. Our program functions upon a high moral fabric. Each member must willingly comply and abide by the rules and laws laid for the operation and functionality of the organization.

Failure to comply with the Principles of Integrity will result in removal from the program.

The five principles of Integrity for Online students

1. Honesty
It’s the duty of the parent to set the example of honest and truthfulness.  Online students will be held to Biblical standards to honor and respect their teachers and their parents.  At no time is the student allowed access to score keys, record keeping information, or academic correspondences.  Online students are not to use cell phones to obtain answers or use any other materials when taking tests.  While we encourage parents to be part of their child’s educational experience, all work is to be completed by the student.

2. Structure
It is imperative that the parent provide an environment conducive towards learning for the online student.   Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child has a consistent schedule for completing the daily school work.  Students are responsible for completing their daily assignments on time.  Students may work ahead in their coursework.   At no time are projects to be turned in partially done, containing frivolous or nonessential answers, or simply “filled out”.

3. Steadiness
Consistency and stability must be paramount for every student. There must be a sense of peace and harmony in the home. Distractions must be kept to a minimum.

4. Honoring Financial Obligation
The financial obligations are to be paid in full and on time. Payments are always due by the 15th of each month.  The school reserves the right to block all academics until the financial obligation is current.

5. Responsibility
Parents are responsible for their child’s online learning experience.  ERCA Online Academy partners with the parents to ensure that their child/children abide by the rules set forth in the ERCA Academy Online Handbook.  A copy of the handbook is available upon request.

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– We believe that both the Old Testament and New Testament are the inspired Word of God, revealing the three Persons of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

– We believe in the incarnation and virgin birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as true God and true man

– We believe that man was created in the image of God, but is separated from God by sin

– We believe that man is redeemed by grace through faith in Christ’s vicarious atonement for sins by the shedding of His blood on the cross

– We believe that the gift of eternal life is available to all men, that those who are regenerated by the Holy Spirit receive Christ by faith and thereby become children of God

– We believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ, His imminent return and the resurrection of His people to life everlasting

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