From my first visit to ERCA (before 2ndgrade), I knew I was going to love it here. Both teachers and students were friendly…yes, even the boys. As a student, I love it even more. For starters, ERCA encourages students to be diligent and to “make our best better.” If it were not for ERCA’s training, I would probably be satisfied with mediocre grades and academic performance.

At ERCA, I learn, not only academics, but about Jesus and His Word. Every week we are given a Memory Verse to memorize and meditate on throughout the week. I still remember my very first one in Grade 2: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.” (John 15:13). This discipline helped engrain the Word of God into my heart and mind at an early age. Without ERCA, I would probably know very little about the Bible and that would be a pity as the Bible has changed my life.

The “Ministry Preparation Duties” at the end of the school day helped me learn responsibility. It is the school version of household chores. We would be assigned simple duties such as holding the door for our fellow classmates, but even these taught me valuable lessons.

Sadly, I had to briefly leave ERCA for a couple of years because of grandparent caregiving issues, but as soon as those were taken care of, I knew I just had to come back!

I shall now tell you something ERCA did not know about. The previous summer, I was going through a few hard things that made me become sad and depressed. But ERCA snapped me right out of it! The loving community at ERCA made me realize how much God loved me, and being with my old friends again made me take my eyes off of myself so that God was able to set me free. All this happened because of and through ERCA. Because of ERCA, I am now filled with my name: “Joy!” I can truly say ERCA has changed my life. It taught me the Word of God, and may have saved my life. They did not tell me to write this ERCA Testimonial; I wrote it voluntarily because this school is simply extraordinary. If you are thinking about sending your child to ERCA, DO IT! It will be a remarkable school experience for your child that they will never forget.

In Christ,
Joy Zellers

Joshua Baker
ERCA is a great school. I learned many things that I am now applying to the real world. The on-line course work prepared me for the the on-line quizzes and exams that many college professors assign to their student. The friendly environment creates a conducive atmosphere in which to learn and interact with the other students. All the teachers at ERCA care about each individual students academics and needs. All in all ERCA is a great school. I am thankful for everyone at ERCA.

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