Curriculum Goals | Parent Responsibilities & Agreement



     The purpose of this agreement is to define the relationship between Eastern Road Christian Academy and parents/guardians. 

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We pledge to support parents/guardians by:
– Providing the highest level of academics possible for your child
– Assisting you to fulfill your God-given responsibility in being the primary educator of your child (Deut. 11:19)
– Receiving students at their current skill level
– Conducting diagnostic testing in order to assign the appropriate course of study
– Providing quality technical, administrative, and academic support
– Reviewing, recording, and reporting student progress in a timely manner


As the parent/guardian I agree:
– To acknowledge that ERCA curriculum is written from a Bible-centered, Christian worldview in accordance with the Academy’s statement of faith.
– To understand that ERCA uses the Switched-on-Online curriculum and other Christian-based curriculum when needed to best serve the student’s needs.
– To recognize and abide by all ERCA policies and procedures.
– To know and understand all applicable local and state laws and requirements regarding a private school or online learning.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility, as a parent/guardian, to select course of study needed to meet any applicable graduation requirements in my state.
– To fulfill the role of the primary educator who will direct, instruct, and motivate him/her to follow and complete the assigned course of study. I retain the liberty to creatively enrich the foundational studies with additional projects, field trips, etc.                                                                                                                                                        –I ensure that the work my child submits to the Academy is completed by the student alone, and that tests are completed without the help of other individuals, cell phones, books, notes, or other aids.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        – To ensure that work is submitted on a regular and timely basis to allow for ongoing overview by ERCA online teachers or in-house teachers.
– I understand that if my child needs additional time to complete the curriculum than as in the typical 180 day school year there will be an additional fee.
– To understand that the Academy reserves the right to cancel enrollment at any time due to non-payment of fees, unsatisfactory progress, program abuse, plagiarism, or failure to follow ERCA procedures.
– To notify ERCA by letter if I choose to cancel or withdraw my child.

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